12″ Shade Carrier

This shade carrier is 12″ High (30.5cm) and will fit onto any British (BC) lamp holder fitting. 

What is a shade carrier?
It’s used to connect lampshades manufactured with Duplex rings to lamp holders, and control the height between.


Product Description

How to use
This shade carrier will fit into a lampshade that is fitted with a standard Duplex ring
The internal diameter of a standard duplex ring measures 107mm.

One end fits onto the lamp holder, the other end is cradled to hold the duplex ring of the Lampshade.
The lampshade is then placed on top.

The Shade Carrier is 12″ high  (30.5cm) and is manufactured with a 25mm British fitting.
Made in the UK

12″  (30.4cm) High
4mm top quality heavy gauge wire
Epoxy coated /painted white (prevents rust)
Complete with converter plug for European fittings